Lagos, Nigeria

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Who we are

Immobiliare Construction Limited (ICL) is a leading engineering and construction company, founded in 2001, we specialise in road construction and building construction (commercial and residential), road rehabilitation, onshore pipeline construction and civil engineering in Nigeria, Ghana, and Congo. Serving both private and public works.

“We deliver unique, efficient, and sustainable construction and engineering solutions that are tailored to your project”

- What sets us apart

Our mission

To be a driving force in the engineering and construction industry, delivering exceptional solutions that redefine standards and inspire progress.

Our vision

To be a trailblazer in the creation of transformative spaces and infrastructure and be recognized for our excellence, cutting-edge engineering, and integrity.

Our value

We prioritise client satisfaction, use of advanced technologies and methodologies, professionalism and uncompromising quality.

Feature process

Our working process

To ensure that your project is executed with the utmost care, precision and professionalism, we take the following steps:

Define design

We begin by thoroughly understanding your project vision, preferences and requirements through detailed discussions and consultations.

Estimate design

Our experienced team carefully analyzes the specifications and complexities involved to provide an accurate cost estimate and timeline.

Build design

With your approval, we proceed to the construction phase. Our skilled craftsmen adhere to the highest quality standards and provide regular updates on the progress.